Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach


Connecting Encouraging, Engaging and Empowering People to Live on Purpose!

Matthew 5:16 & Malachi 3:17


To  Jewels N' AbunDance Outreach.   We are pleased that you decided to stop by and visit our website.  

We want you to know that we look forward to connecting with you at one of our many sponsored programs. We are here and ready to extend to you a warm greeting and look forward to our fellowship.  

We believe in making a mark that cannot be erased for the Kingdom. We further believe that we share common values.

Vision: Connecting, Encouraging, Engaging and Empowering one another in the Spirit of Love and Unity through workshops, Chat N' Chews, Group Sessions, Conferences, Programs, Advocacy, Spirit and Fun-filled events. Our team members are a diverse group of anointed individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Mission:  Our goal is to "Make a Difference" in the lives of each individual, one "Jewel " at a time. 

We don't just stand on the sidelines, we get engaged in our communities. We truly believe that we can do more together and collectively we will make a great impact for the Kingdom of God.  We would love for you to join us at one, if not all, of our sponsored events!

We are Encouraging the People of God to Live on Purpose!

Scriptures:  Matthew 5:16 | Malachi 3:17 | 1 Peter 2:9